Gun Show

I've been told by others that I don't post enough. This is mostly because I'm a firm believer of not filling the Internet with worthless junk. I try to only post items that truly represent the essence/rage of LabThug. Today is a day for posting because it brought forth an item that is dear to LabThug's heart, this quarter's edition of The Land of The Sky Gun and Knife Show. To honor one of our nation's most fundamental rights, I spent way too much money to preserve your ability to "to keep and bear Arms."

For those that are curious, here is what was bought:

The First U.S. Navy Jack is the one thing that I am proud of purchasing most and it is dear to my heart for two reasons. First, I have family members that have served in the Navy. Second, it is a derivative of the Gadsden Flag, and bears the same motto, "Dont tread on me." While Mr. Gadsden was very much a true gentleman from the lovely state of South Carolina and one that is looked upon with honor by LabThug; it is this motto that is very much quintessential LabThug.

What you do is your right, and I really, truly, don't care what it is that you do. However, don't come into my Lab and tell me how I should do things, nor allow any of the stupid shit you do to override my own personal liberties. That is where I draw the line, and if I have to use what else is in that chair to redraw the line that existed, consider yourself warned.


Random Update

Well, enough time has passed for me to get motivated to sit down and update this thing. A lot of things have happened since the last post. My replacement hard drives finally came in. My PC now has a new Power Supply (the predecessor of which I believe might have been causing my problems due to being underpowered). In addition, I upped the RAM to 4GB, added the new drives, and installed Hardy. So far it looks like everything is working. I even finally have my RAID5 back. It's nice to know I'm finally back to the point I was last July. Hopefully, everything will last longer...

Saw Iron Man Friday night with The Wife and enjoyed it. Got full on sushi first...yum. Unfortunately we came back to puking kids :-( They seem to be better now, which is good.

I joined twitter and jaiku, updated facebook a couple of times, and still did the things work needed done. So yeah, it's been a fun time...