My Cells

I've been going to class and learning all sorts of wonderful things since the 14th. Today, we got to see the results of two days worth of immunocytochemistry work. It involved staining HeLa cells two different ways: with a fluorophor-conjugated secondary antibody and ToPro3 (to highlight the nuclei).

I've been told the picture is good, but must honestly admit that I'm very surprised. During the process, I switched well positioning, mixed the ToPro3 incorrectly the first time, and totally borked the nail polish application.

Here's how they appeared under the confocal microscope:


An old friend revisited

It's weird the turn of events life brings you. My last post concerned a week-old auction of an old friend.

Well, it seems that transaction fell through and the old friend got put back on the block. So, I am happy to mention that today, my 32 birthday, I have just purchased the Cybermotion Navmaster Self-Guided Vehicle.


Looks like I'll be putting up my sign soon :-)