Long day

What can I say. Went with the family to Chuck-E-Cheese pretty much as soon as I woke up. Came back and finished mowing the grass. Looking at ways to make a linux based PACS server work for my employer. The stuff I'm using comes from here. Documentation is what you'd expect from an institution's research project...non-existant. Anyone have an exmple config/pacs_connect.cfg and/or config/pacs_Database.cfg they'd be willing to let me look at?

The defective monitor was returned to Costco. Apparently to exchange and item with this company, you have to return it and order a replacement. There was a one cent difference (their favor) between the money I got back and the amount I had to pay.

Speaking of replacements, I still haven't heard for Antares Digital about the new drive.

Not like that matters much, the new PC its going into needs a RAID driver before I can use it.

Dunno what's worse, that or the fact The new theater PC hangs when I login (unless in safe mode) and is BSODing.


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