Another Sunday Post

This is the real Sunday post...

Well as I mentioned, I got gallery working. I downloaded the 2.1.2 release. I must say that I'm not that impressed with it. Like most software out there, the phrase "rough around the edges" applies. I had to can the first install to get Postgres installed and running. When I tried the second install, it would only get to the fourth step before generating a new "login authentication" code. I think the apache thread is regenerating and that caused it, but I only looked through enough code to make the authentication check only return true.

Now, everytime I try to do something ... anything ... I get a stupid "Security Violation -- The action you attempted is not permitted." message (we'll explain why it's stupid below). The funny part is that if I hit refresh, it takes. So, immediately, I have to wonder if the bug is in the first message or the "taking" of the second try. In addition, the drop down under the images only appears on every other showing of the thumbnail page. This is really annoying. To top it off, there isn't a way to go from pic-to-pic on the edit photo page. So the whole change a photo's caption process is like this:

1. Choose picture to edit and enter "edit picture" mode.
2. Make change and click Save.
3. Notice error message, click refresh.
4. Notice "save successful" message at top, click the album title link at top.
5. Notice that drop downs aren't there, click refresh.
6. Navigate to next picture and repeate steps 1-5.

Now, why is that security message stupid? Well, which action did I (or the computer program on my behalf) perform that is causing the volation? Why is it "not permitted" (am I not part of an appropriate group, do I not possess the right token, etc.) How can I obtain the appropriate security level? Can you give me anything else to work with?

That's my beef with gallery2 atm. And yeah, I know the Open Source credo "don't whine, submit a patch, you didn't pay for it, we're better than proprietary." So much for software that "just works."

Don't get me started on YouTube's "agree that all videos flagged ... will be viewable" confirmation. Infinite loop ... yeee-haaaw.

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