Double Dose

Well, I didn't post yesterday because I went to bed early. Therefore, this will consist of my grips for yesterday and today.

Yesterday I was greeted to an error message at work. It consisted of the phrase "Access is denied." Turns out the machine had been plugged into the wrong network jack. What this has to do with permissions I'll never know. I also tried to get audio for YouTube working on Ubuntu. Why does Linux make everything so hard? What is ESD and why does it not perform the way it should? Why, instead of fixing it, did someone come up with alsa?

Today was the first test in my Biostatistics class. Thanks to the crappy service at Norm's I got there five minutes late. I was still able to answer all the questions though. I'm sure I got the last question right. However, I wasn't sure how to "show my work." I know that doesn't make sense, but I used basic math to answer. I'm sure the teacher wants the logical probability proof. Oh well.

Today's bad software gripe goes to Evolution. I got an appointment from a vendor on the West Coast (I'm on the East). Instead of being smart enough to translate the timezone correctly, I now have an 8AM PDT meeting at 8AM EDT. I wonder who'll be there at that time? Of course, this seems to be on par for Evolution. That thing crashes at least once a week. It hasn't done it lately, so I'll get a double dose tomorrow. Also, whoever designed it's e-mail address interface was smoking some rare form of crack, it's God Aweful. Try to remove one recipient from a list. Go ahead, I dare you.

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