Getting Sleepy

Last night I fell asleep early and didn't post. Today I stayed up late and posted after midnight.

Yesterday, I helped a former co-worker restore a misbehaving mount point. It was one of those "Stop digging" cases. He started off needing to update an application. Then, when that didn't work, he updated the entire OS. Then, when that broke he installed a different flavor of Linux. Then another. Then his current version of Linux informed him the mount point consisted of a "zero length partition." I'm not sure if Fedora just isn't able to read Debian formatted drives, or if it was something else. When I got there, we reinstalled Debian and did an fsck. fsck takes a long time on 1.6TB. After that he could access the files.

Today, I had the pleasure of installing a vendor's app on a 64-bit 2k+3 server. The installed wouldn't work because it was designed for a "different version of Windows." The app also spontaneously crashed after a certain point. Eventually, I was told to disable "Data Execution Prevention" for the app and it started working. Sadly, I was then told not to teach people how to use it. Personally, I don't see the logic in that call, but what can you do?


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