My first Blog

Well, I've finally decided to give this "blogging" thing a try -- wheee! Of course, I had to give it my own spin and call it a "flog." This is simply because this thing is going to be my blasting board. Because I'm quite the "critical person", I expect my thoughts, etc. are going to be quite heated (and sure to piss off a few folks). I'll leave the comments open to the public so you can voice your opinions along with mine. We'll see how long it takes for the spammers and trolls to change my mind.

I decided to go with blogger instead of building my own. This is simply because I lack the time. Yeah, I know there are other ones besides blogger. I don't know why I chose blogger instead of them, I just did. I'm on the beta because I like to try out the new goods. However, I also get all the new bugs. It acts polly-wolly-crappy on both Opera 9 (can't get past the login) and IE 7 (can't save my color scheme), so I'm using FF to post this. Nothing makes me happier than when a site makes me use this fanboy browser...yay! We'll see how long I can stomach it until I give in and try something else.

Oh well, I better get to bed now. I've got both work and school tomorrow, so I better get a good night's sleep (and it's already 0:00).


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